Surf Green

Billabong Pro J-Bay – a Green Event!

Greening initiatives at this year’s Billabong JBay pro will assist in making the Jeffreys Bay tourism sector and community more sustainable.

A Green Guide for all the local accommodation establishments will be produced in conjunction with JBay Tourism Association. The guide will contain greening suggestions to help B&B’s and letting agents reduce their energy use and carbon footprint.

Cleaner Climate has worked with Billabong and event organisers to implement specific initiatives which include:

  • An event Recycling Program
  • Compilation and distribution of Green Guide
  • Providing paper instead of plastic bags at the event shop
  • Using biodegradable food and beverage containers
  • Printing posters on recycled paper
  • Energy management program for the judging tower
  • Reducing event waste by providing refillable drinking bottles and re-usable beverage mugs
  • Using biodiesel in Billabong’s diesel fleet vehicles and diesel vehicles sponsored for the event
  • Solar heating for the competitors shower
  • St Francis College learners will perform daily beach cleans for the duration of the event.

The estimated total carbon footprint of the Billabong Pro is 365 tonnes of CO2. This includes emissions arising from officials and competitors air travel to J-Bay, and their ground transport and accommodation whilst at the event; onsite fuel consumption, electricity usage, event vehicles, event waste and paper consumption.

These emissions will be reduced where possible through a number of greening initiatives, and the remaining emissions will be offset using United Nations Kyoto compliant carbon credits ensuring that the Billabong Pro is a low carbon, climate-conscious event and that the barrels ridden at Supers are green in more ways than one!


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